RED VEIN ARMY is a group of haunters in Richmond, VA who can't sit still. We want to show you what a few cups of coffee, a pen, paper & camera can produce. We're the RED VEIN ARMY.

Our team is dedicated to the creation and promotion of the highest levels of haunt or horror related productions in the Commonwealth. RED VEIN ARMY (RVA) was formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2011. RED VEIN ARMY's goal is to advance the haunted attraction and Halloween industry in the city of Richmond. From 2011-2015, we were part of the Tour as a traveling haunt actor troupe. In 2016 we opened RED VEIN Haunted House. We've also created a 3 minute Escape Room, as well as Richmond's only horror book club and horror movie club, which have meet-ups every month.

RED VEIN ARMY is a team of haunted attraction prop makers, scenic designers, makeup artists, and actors. If you have an event you think could use our touch, contact us for a quote. Or if you're interested in joining our growing talented crew of scare artists, send us an e-mail!

(804) 829-FEAR or